Simplified farmland investing for the community-based investor

Agriculture is an integral part of our economy, culture, and landscape. The nation’s 2.04 million farms keep over 900 million acres of land in agricultural production, support more than 3.3 million jobs, and generate in excess of $1.05 trillion annually.

As a growing number of farmers prepare to retire, it is critical that young farmers are positioned to step up and carry on this legacy. Unfortunately, our next generation of farmers is struggling. Finding affordable farmland is their toughest obstacle.

Unleash Local Capital

Nearly 100 million acres of U.S. farmland is projected to change hands over the next five years. Now is the critical time to ensure that land remains available, accessible, and affordable to farmers.

If we want to revitalize our local food tradition, now is the time to rethink our capitalization model for early stage farmers and restructure how we fund and operate our emerging farm businesses.

How It Works

Find Farmer, Find Farmland, Farm, Repeat.

We seek capable and vetted farmers with a focused, financially viable business and those exhibiting an ability and desire to eventually purchase farmland. The Farmland Company supports early-stage farmers with secure land access by providing lease-to-own arrangements. Organized as a cooperative, we deliver positive social and environmental impacts while generating modest financial returns for investors. The cooperative membership is open to community-based investors with patient capital looking to create a positive impact in our farming communities.

Offering Summary

Please contact us directly to receive information about our current investment offering. Please note that we are currently operating solely within the State of Montana.

Your Investment Helps To:

  • Provide available, accessible, and affordable farmland to farmers
  • Create stability, autonomy, and opportunity for farmers to make long-term planning and investment decisions
  • Rebuild our local food traditions and economies
  • Grow healthy food, healthy soil, and healthy farmers

Invest Now

To receive information about our investment offering or learn more about The Farmland Company, please contact us at